How to Lose 3POUNDS of body weight a week – Reads for You

How to Lose 3POUNDS of body weight a week

Every fat person in this world is in need of a magical spell that can make him/her slim in seconds. Well, that’s not possible but there is a way through which you can boost up your weight losing speed.

weight loss and proper diet plan

I’ll be telling you about a unique dieting technique through which you can increase your weight losing speed.

Isn’t it insane that you wake up one day and see yourself in a mirror and you get shocked that there is no fat belly, bulky thighs or hips anymore!

Now you can be slim and toned too. I’ll tell you about the trick I used to lose my extra weight. Believe me when I say that my friends, relatives and colleagues were stunned when they saw me in a great shape. The people who were taunting me for my fatty body were asking me about the remedy I used to get slim.

So, let’s get into it…….

You just need to follow 3 simple steps.

Step 1

stop thinking

Just stop thinking that you are fat and ugly. Well it sounds silly that how this can help in losing weight but believe me it do work!

When you stop thinking about your fat and obesity, you stop stress hormones in your body and through that up to some extent you stop producing fat that is being produced through those hormones.

Step 2

balanced diet

Next step is a healthy balanced diet. Now this is the step where all of you make blunders. So here is the trick.

Just use a handful technique. In this technique you consume a handful of carbs, a handful of protein, two handfuls of  vegetables and a tablespoon of fat.

You can use any form of protein, fat and carbs. Even a slice of pizza is fulfilling these criteria, Go have it!

When we come to vegetables, just go for raw ones because when vegetables are cooked they lose their nutrition.

Step 3





I said it again and again because water is the main source that can flush away your impurities and cleans up your body. You need to understand the fact that your healthy eating loses its value without this habit because water makes your blood thin enough to flow smoothly and keeps your organs working by providing proper nutrition.


If you can add workout and jogging with these steps, it will speed up the process and you will get more results