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Top 3 foods that can lower your Testosterone levels

You might be consuming a well-balanced diet. Maybe you are working out daily but still are you facing problems with your body and muscle size growth?

You might be following a well managed and organized routine but still, you get tired too much with a little work. does that happen to you?

The reason can be that maybe your hormonal stability is disturbed. If you are a male and facing low testosterone levels in your body then maybe the food you consume is continuously decreasing your testosterone levels.

So here are the foods that can lower your Testosterone levels.

1- Licorice


Do you know what licorice is? it is the root that is used in sweetening of candies and other sweets and desserts. It is been proved from the study that the people consuming licorice daily reduced their test levels up to 25%.

2- Mint


You might be the one who uses a mint chewing gum daily for fresh breath right? Bad news for you folks. Mint is one of the foods that are responsible for lowering your testosterone levels. I am not saying that stop eating foods that contain mint, I am trying to say that stop eating then daily. If you are really addicted to chewing gums, go for the fruity flavors.

A secret tip for you, avoid eating mint gums or peppermint on valentine. (if you know what I mean).

3- Soy


You will be shocked by reading that the author is really insane and why on earth is he saying that soy can be a reason for low testosterone.

So the reason is that yes soy is rich in protein but you must know that there are two major hormones, Testosterone and Estrogen.

A male and female body has both of them but dominating hormone for a male is testosterone and for a female is estrogen. Soy is estrogen promoting protein. So if a male body consumes more soy it can lead him to a hormonal disorder.