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Things you shouldn’t do on an empty stomach

We are so much busy in our daily hectic routines that we don’t even bother that we have eaten something before any kind of activity or not. Life is a race we all know it but it shouldn’t be a race where you lose because of your health and weakness. Nutrition is the basic key to a healthy lifestyle. Without a proper nutrition, sorry to say we are leading ourselves towards death. For example, your car is depended on its fuel. Whenever the fuel gets empty, it stops moving. Same is the case with your body. Proper nutrition is the fuel for your body.

So today I’ll tell you about the things you shouldn’t do empty stomach.

Going to bed on an empty stomach

hatalks.comIt is always recommended by doctors and nutritionists that we should never go to bed on an empty stomach. The reason behind it is that hunger leads to low glucose levels. Now when you are on low glucose level, you will first of all face difficulty in sleeping. Secondly, you will have a frivolous sleep and lastly, you will face difficulty in waking up early.

If you are an individual who is really worried about fitness then my friend, going to sleep on an empty stomach can even generate more hunger hormone and the next day you will eat a lot more.

Now it doesn’t even mean that before sleep you are going to consume a big meal or some junk food etc. it means that you should go for a glass of milk or should go for a plain yogurt which can ensure your healthy sleep.

An argument with someone

hatalks.comYou might be someone who really gets angry very fast or there is a friend or relative of yours who do the same even on a little argument. Ever thought about why this happens? It’s mostly because of an empty stomach. See when you are on an empty stomach and you get engaged in an argument or a long debate, you are not an easy going person at that moment because self-denial or self-control requires energy. So when you are on empty stomach, obviously that energy supply is on short.

So now you might want to know about the solution to this. So just try to have something warn before getting involved in a discussion. It can be warm water or green tea etc.

Working out on an empty stomach

hatalks.comIt is the most important point that you all should tie a knot on. Never ever do a workout on an empty stomach. Now people say that we do exercise on empty stomach and it is working for us because we are losing weight. Here is the answer, first of all, exercising on empty stomach can reduce your energy levels and secondly, you are losing weight but you are not losing fat. Yes, you are not losing fat because less and improper nutrition reduces your muscle and it appears like a mirage that you are losing weight in a healthy way.

Exercising cause the production of gastric juice in your stomach which is definitely not so good when you are empty stomach. So if you feel inflammation in your stomach after workout or any kind of exercise, you know the reason my friend!

Chewing a gum on empty stomach

hatalks.comChewing is already a digesting process that promotes the production of digestive acids which are bad for you if you are on empty stomach.

One main fact is that always choose gums with natural sweeteners instead of gums having sugar or artificial sweeteners.


Whatever the factors we consider, it’s the fact that doing anything on an empty stomach is not so good. Just focus on having a proper diet plan and proper routine that can make your life more successful.