How to reduce fat from different body parts – Reads for You

How to reduce fat from different body parts

Upper body fat

hatalks.comThere are some people you might have seen who are fat from their upper body. They have thin legs and firm hips or glutes you can say but upper body is bulky. Do you know what’s the reason behind that? The reason is that the upper contains your vital organs like the heart, liver and even stomach. So when you burn fewer calories and you always remain in caloric surplus, your upper body gets fat and bulky.


Stop consuming refined sugar and artificial sweeteners. If you are a person with a very busy schedule and have no time for the gym, just try doing a 30 minutes jog daily. It will burn your fat from the upper body.

Lower abdomen fat

hatalks.comIt is been observed that a lot of aged people and nowadays even young people are getting fat only from their abdomen part. Now you might wonder that if we are eating badly, it should cover fat through all body but why is it like sticking to the belly only? The reason is stress. You are taking too much tension and stress that it signals to store fat on your abdomen. Ever felt that whenever you are in too much tension, you feel like something moving in your stomach. It is due to stress.


Just try to be relaxed. Do try yoga every day or sit calmly in a yoga pose for 20 minutes and try to throw bad vibes out.

One more thing, try to have green tea.

Lower body fat

hatalks.comLower body fat is most common among young generations. They get fat very fast. The main reason behind that is a high quantity of gluten in their diet. They always go or get attracted towards the foods that are rich in carbs and fats which promote more gluten.


Never skip your breakfast and try to focus on a diet that is rich in protein and drink a lot of water.