Top 5 best Cardio Exercises – Reads for You

Top 5 best Cardio Exercises

This article is best for those who are fond of cardiovascular exercises and like to do them daily.

So lets gets started with our top 5 best cardio exercises.

05 – Squats


Squats is really a very good cardio exercise that engage all of your body especially legs. Legs muscle is the biggest muscle group in human body which is needed to be trained at regular basis. so squats is really a good option for you.

04- Step Ups

step ups

If you guys are fond of squats and dead lifts then step ups is going to be really good for you all. It improves your body balance and stability. It also secures your lower back and save your spine from disc slip.

03- Jump Rope

jumping rope

 It is been proved through latest researches  that 10 minutes of jumping rope is almost equal to 10 miles of running. Isn’t it amazing? This is the reason that jumping rope is in top rankings.

02- Push Ups

push up

Push ups plays an important role in adding definition to your pecs. Doing push ups daily helps in boosting up endurance and stamina. They are beneficial  for your Triceps, shoulder blades and even abs.

01- Burpee


Burpee is the overall stamina building exercise. it is the complete gym in its own and that is the reason it is ranked on number 1

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