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15 Things Women Love But Are Too Afraid To Ask From You

Ladies like to overthink and this is extremely natural, there are a lot of things they love, but are too scared to ask. The reason for is that they don’t mean to hurt their boyfriends’ feelings.Guys will need to recognize these hints and try to meet what their girls wish for. This brings in a more powerful and a long lasting relationship.

We bring you 10 things women love but are too afraid to ask!

1. Blindfold

After “50 Shades of Grey” many girls are interested in this blindfolding game. She might never ask it, but you’ll be surprised with her opinions when you bring this up.

2. Perky restrictions

She would like to be restricted, depending on how much she trusts you.

3. Take captivating photos

Ladies love one to click them when they’re unaware, that makes them feel that she is attractive and this gives them a turn on. To grow this tell her she is very photogenic.

4. Make an erotic video

A lot of women like to catch some sensual and sensual moments with you on video, which she may rewind and replay in her lonely times.

5. Pretending

Pretending is an intense turn on for a few girls, where she’d want to dress as someone you would like or she needs, and perform with the enchanting game.

6. Vulgar talk

During lovemaking try and do some vulgar talking with her, because sometimes they love a small vulgarism. They can’t begin talking dirty as she’s too scared to ask.

7. Three is Company

She may not be a Bi, but there are times she would like to get a third person along. Definitely, you must seek her views on this.

8. Watching porn together

Men are into watching lots of that stuff, but women aren’t too many steps behind. Most women are too scared to ask.

9. Changing places

Change the places of love making, don’t keep it restricted to the bed only. Try out on the dining table, in the kitchen or on the staircase. She love’s this but is too scared to ask.
< 10. Random grabbing

When you randomly grab her from behind gives her a complete turn on, as she was unaware and least expecting it.

Always a confusion, whether it’s love or lust? It’s very difficult to fathom the differences as both results in a wonderful, joyous and celebratory mood. Whether this relationship is going to survive for a long period or it will disappear with the very first fight? No doubt, it’s hard to tell, but time will teach us, what the major differences are between lust and love?

Lust and love both have many differences, it has its own characteristics and goals. Sometimes lust comes at the expense of love and if it’s love, then never compromise it for the sake of lust. Let nature take its own course, just wait. Believe me, it’s worth it.

We bring you 10 comics depicting the major differences between lust and love. Check it out!

1. First, let’s see the Dictionary meaning and the differences between lust and love.

Lust (verb): To have an intense sexual desire; desire, be consumed with desire for, find sexually attractive, find sexy, crave, covet, want, wish for, long for, yearn for, hunger for, thirst for, ache for, burn for, pant for.

Love (verb): To have love or affection for; to have a profoundly tender, passionate affection for (another person), to have a strong liking for; take great pleasure in.

2. Lust eyes just the body, but Love appreciates her looks, appearance, intelligence, personality.

3. Words don’t really matter in love, but lust believes in dirty talk. Some weird differences.

4. Being close means a lot in love and lust understands that the deeper the better. Crazy differences.

5. Having an animal instinct is lust and love is a basic instinct.

6. Love is all about us and lust is I, Me and Myself.